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Riding At Fox Run Stables

Combines learning riding skills along with horsemanship. Teaches responsibility, discipline, coordination and good sportsmanship in a friendly safe atmosphere. Provides the opportunity to meet new friends of all ages who also share a love of horses. Can be as relaxing or competitive as you like with an emphasis on safety. We encourage students to learn how to work with horses while on the ground and on their backs. Students learn to correctly halter, groom, tack up, ride and care for horses during the lesson program with the goal being to someday independently manage or own a horse.

We offer private, semi private and group lessons (maximum class size 5) for the beginner, intermediate and advance rider in both western and English disciplines. Students under 6 must be evaluated before acceptance in program. Instructors are CHA certified and have 40 years combined experience showing, training, teaching and riding horses.

Fox Run Program Policies

1.  Approved helmets must be worn by all students when they are mounted. Fox Run will provide helmets and boots for those who do not have their own, but Fox Run cannot guarantee proper fit of all loaned helmets and boots. We strongly suggest that regular students of any age buy their own helmet and proper riding attire, including boots with a heel.

2.  Not all lessons will be taught on horseback. Classroom and “in the barn instruction are part of our riding school program.

3.  Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to lessons to prepare for lesson and allow an additional 10 minutes following lesson to properly groom and cool out their horse, clean all equipment and return to proper place.

English and Western Lessons

Both Western and English riding lessons are offered at Fox Run Stables for beginners through advanced riders.


Group lessons are $35 and private lessons are $45.


Tricia LaFoe - Level 3 CHA Instructor

Cassie Zimmerman - Level 2 CHA Instructor




Horse Shows

We try and attend a wide variety of horse shows suitable for all budgets and skill levels throughout the year to help our students show off their skills and pursue growth in their passion. Attending horse shows are a great way to build confidence and use the skills you have obtained in our lesson program in a fun, yet competitive environment! Each horse show is going to vary in cost, depending on the length of the show, the location, and the skill level. In the summer months, there are several local one day shows that we love to attend as they are a more affordable option for our younger riders or green horses to get some off the farm experience! There are also some weekend B Rated shows that feel a little more high end, but are a little lower in cost than the upscale A Show. The A Shows are the top of the line and tend to be longer than just the weekend and are a great way for our upper level riders to show off their skills and gain National points and recognition. We try and divide up our time attending shows that will benefit students of all skill levels and budgets!

While budget will vary from show to show, expenses you should keep in mind for each show are:

  • Pre-Show Expenses
    • Show Clip (Ears, Muzzle, Feet): $15 per horse
    • Full Body Clip: $150 for a horse, $100 for ponies
    • Mane pulling: $15 per horse


  • Trainer/Stable Expenses
    • Horse Care: $40 per day
      • We have the proper equine first aid and maintenance on hand at all times when we attend horse shows. To keep your horse happy and healthy each night, we will provide proper care to ensure their comfort while away from home. 
    • Coaching Fee: $45 per day
    • Hauling Fee: Dependent upon distance, split up by the amount of horses traveling in the trailer 


  • Horse Show Fees
    • Entry Fees/Class Fees
    • Stall Fees- Each show
    • Medic Fees
    • Hotel Fees


We know that many of our riders want to show, but do not own or fully lease their own horse! For that reason, we offer weekend leases for available horses or ponies when we travel to horse shows. The cost of the weekend lease will vary dependent on the skill level of the horse or pony. Please contact Tricia or Cassie if you are interested in taking one of your barn favorites to a show!

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