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Hack Time Program

Fox Run is excited to offer additional ways for our lesson students to gain extra saddle time. With our new supervised hack program, you can come and ride your favorite Fox Run lesson horse or pony and practice on any homework you might have from your last lesson. Offered on Mondays and Fridays between 3:30 and 5:00PM, for just $20 you can ride under supervision for 45 minutes and gain that extra saddle time everyone needs to fine tune their riding skills. If you want to ride more than one horse or pony, there is an additional $20 per mount.

Riders who want to participate in our supervised hack program must be able to groom and tack up their own horse and must be able to post the trot without assistance. Signing up in advance is recommended as each horse or pony will be first come first serve. Reserve your time on your favorite Fox Run four legged friend today!

This program is perfect for our riders who do not own their own horse and are eager for some more riding time. We are so excited about new developments such as these that will make Fox Run a effective place for our lesson students to learn and gorw in their riding skills.

Thanks as always,

Tricia and Cassie

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